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Learn What Einstein Bots Can Do

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Discuss general use cases for Einstein Bots.
  • Identify industry-specific use cases for Einstein Bots.

Common Einstein Bots Use Cases

Harryette Randall is an office manager and Salesforce admin at Bloomington Caregivers, a home healthcare agency in Bloomington, MN, that provides full-spectrum care for the elderly. As Bloomington Caregivers scales across the Minneapolis-St. Paul region, Harryette makes it her mission to uphold the company’s high standards for efficient customer service.

At a Dreamforce conference, she learns about Einstein Bots, a Salesforce chatbot product designed to handle customer service more efficiently. While Haryette has heard a lot about the growing adoption of chatbots across businesses, she, like many other admins, needs a bit of guidance and information. She wants to know how exactly Einstein Bots can benefit her company.

Harryette considers Einstein Bots in a thought bubble

Harryette learns she can think of bots as helpful assistants that automate business in a conversational way. They help businesses improve customer satisfaction while reducing costs and increasing revenue. 

  • Bots save costs by interacting with customers, solving simple problems, and qualifying and routing problems they can’t solve right away. Bots can escalate issues to support agents when necessary. With a bot as the first line of defense against customer issues, your support team can save time for more complex problems and handle more support cases overall.
  • A job well done by a bot–whether that’s solving a problem right away or escalating it to the right person–makes for a pleasant customer experience.
  • Einstein Bots is more than just a problem solver. When implemented properly, it can automate a range of processes, showcase brand personality, and even increase revenue through marketing and lead generation.

We know–it’s a lot to keep track of. To help, here’s a table of common use cases for Einstein Bots. 

Use case

Description (Bots can…)


Answer FAQs

Immediately answer specific questions, so customers spend less time waiting and log fewer cases for support agents to resolve.

  • Check return policy.
  • Find the nearest store location.
  • Refer customers to an existing knowledge base, such as an FAQ page.

Issue Reporting

Deflect easy cases so agents can devote more time to complex issues that require creativity and teamwork.

  • Create cases that support agents can follow up on.
  • Guide customers to the help they need through a menu or question tree.

Information Management

Retrieve, create, and update information from existing Salesforce records.

  • Check order details.
  • Change account preferences.
  • Update email and password.


Schedule appointments for customers without help from an agent. 

  • Book appointments during available time slots.
  • Update existing appointment records.

Qualification, Triage, and Routing

Summarize customer problems so that agents can prioritize problem-solving instead of reasking questions.

  • Gather information from the customer.
  • Ask qualifying questions.
  • Push cases to the right agent.

Customer Identification and Authentication

Identify who is talking to the bot and perform tasks within the scope of the user’s permissions. 

  • Identify a customer by email address or session activity.
  • Create experiences that require authentication, like a user login.

Marketing and Lead Generation

Readily pitch a product’s value within the chat 24/7 and create robust customer leads through follow-up questions.

  • Address customer concerns within the chat.
  • Keep track of disclosed customer information
  • Provide a “personal shopper” experience by recommending products based on the customer’s preferences.

Tailor Bots to Your Industry

As you can probably tell by now, Einstein Bots is highly customizable. You can tailor it to your company’s specific needs and build it to any industry standard. These are some of the custom use cases our industry clients have adopted.

Healthcare & Life Sciences 

Financial Services

& Media

& Consumer Goods

Energy & Utilities

Public Sector

Benefits Enrollment & Management

Account & Billing Management

Claims Processing

Appointment Scheduling & Check-in

Prescription Refills

Program/Benefits Eligibility 

Provider Search

Billing & Account Management/Late Payment Collection

Claims Management

Policy Management

Insurance Quotes

Lead & Offer Management

Credit Card Replacement

Branch/ATM Location Finder

Account Authentication & Verification

Contract Renewals & Up-Sell 

Service Packages & Availability

Service Outage Reporting


Technical Support Advice

Manage & Update Orders

Contactless & Curbside Pickups

Appointment Scheduling

Personalized Recommendations

Managing Returns

Order Management 

Next Best Offer

Seamless Engagement from Contact Center to Field Service

Service Activation

Service Outages

Bill Updates & Payment

Assessment & Intake Processing

Eligibility & Request Management

License & Permit Management

Contact Management

Information Routing 

Nonemergency Assistance & Alert

Consider Bots for Your Business Goals

As Harryette absorbs the general and specific use cases for Einstein Bots, she begins to piece together ways Bloomington Caregivers can integrate a bot into the company’s customer service strategy. 

She understands that Bloomington Caregivers is quickly expanding its customer base and needs a way to handle the influx of prospective clients. That’s where a bot can come into play. With 24/7 availability within and beyond business hours, a bot can alleviate pressure from the support staff, who are unable to always monitor their phone lines for new clients on top of the frequent and urgent support requests they get from existing ones. 

Because Bloomington Caregivers operates in healthcare, a high-compliance industry, Harryette also must make sure to keep industry best practices in mind when planning the company’s bot adoption. 

A Bloomington Caregivers staff member gestures to patients standing together in a healthcare office

Bloomington Caregivers’s patient data is already stored on Salesforce Health Cloud, so Harryette can easily populate the bot’s knowledge base with relevant customer information. 

Next, she explores what mediums to use to deploy the bot, narrowing the choices to SMS, Facebook Messenger, and a built-in chatbot on their website. One key consideration in this decision is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which requires companies like Bloomington Caregivers to follow special precautions when handling patients’ health information. 

Luckily, Einstein Bots can be setup as HIPAA-compliant within the native Chat service. That makes the choice easy: Bloomington Caregivers decides to implement a native bot directly on its site to handle sensitive patient information. Sometime in the future, the company might build new bots with the other available third-party channels for non-sensitive use cases. 

Next, Harryette consults with her team about using the bot to handle urgent client problems, like medical emergencies. They quickly realize that these matters are too high-stakes to be left in the hands of a bot and decide to defer these cases to human agents instead. They can do this by implementing a short redirect message with the appropriate information.

“I’m not equipped to handle life-threatening emergencies. Please reach out to our emergency support staff in the event of a medical emergency, or call 911 if the issue is life-threatening. Emergency support line: 123-456-7890” 

If the new bot can take care of new patient consultations and solve simple client problems, Bloomington Caregivers’s support agents can focus their efforts on complex, collaborative matters like client emergencies.


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