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Use Marketing Cloud Intelligence to Guide Your Marketing Strategy


Datorama is now Marketing Cloud Intelligence. 

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain how Marketing Cloud Intelligence can help business-to-consumer (B2C) and B2B marketers optimize their campaign and marketing performance.
  • Describe how you can use AI to improve your marketing spend.

Intelligence helps you connect all your data, teams, and partners, so together you can make smarter decisions at every level of the organization. Let’s look at some common use cases for B2C and B2B marketers.

B2C Marketing Performance Optimization

Your customers and audiences are cross-channel, so our dashboards are too. 

View your KPIs for your messaging, paid advertising, web analytics, and CRM in one place with built-in pacing and benchmarking to understand what success looks like. Then, break down those results into your campaigns and campaign types to see opportunities to double down or course correct.

Dashboard showing campaign KPIs and comparisons

Know how your channels stack up against one another. A channel scorecard view presents your KPIs for media spend, performance, and response across each of your channels—and includes an index score to normalize your ROI across them all.

Scorecard showing KPI comparisons against social, search, display, and video

View your KPIs for your spend, engagement, and conversion across campaigns and creative to see what’s resonating and converting. Then toggle your modeling app to see how increasing or decreasing investment can impact overall performance. 

Here’s an example of social creative performance in your dashboard with an AI recommendation for optimizing campaigns and budget allocations.

AI recommendation in the dashboard for optimizing campaigns and budget allocations

As marketing budgets grow, so does the pressure to drive ROI, growth, and better customer experiences through constant optimization.

And you can do this at the pace of marketing, with day-by-day improvements to keep your KPIs on track throughout your marketing campaigns. With Einstein Marketing Insights assisting your campaigns, you can breathe easier, knowing you won’t miss any insights.

Einstein Marketing Insights showing which marketing initiatives are projected to over- or under-index in performance

As you optimize your marketing, you can see the direct impact on your conversion and sales. You can easily connect your web analytics data to understand how your cross-channel activities are achieving your goals.

Chart showing conversions by channel

By connecting your ecommerce, point-of-sale, and product data, you can align your marketing efforts with your business goals and availability for each product line. That’s how marketing intelligence provides clear transparency into your ROI at the speed you need to control your growth.

Product comparison chart

B2B Marketing Performance Optimization

B2B marketers are no strangers to data and reporting. B2B marketing often means long sales cycles, multifaceted campaigns and touch points, and a deeply segmented marketing funnel. B2B marketers are often given high growth targets, and they’re expected to prove marketing ROI. Catering to a complex customer and providing explanations at every turn can be achieved only one way: with comprehensive marketing analytics.

Use Intelligence to take control of your demand generation programs and see how every dollar and activity results in responses, leads, and pipeline.

Once you’ve connected your top of funnel to your pipeline and revenue, you can begin optimizing across the buyer’s journey.

Cross-channel customer journey dashboard

Trending B2B performance KPIs

Ready to Try Intelligence?

Intelligence provides marketing intelligence solutions for all marketers, regardless of industry. Use Intelligence to bring together all of your data and take action on insights to optimize marketing investment and activity. Get tools to optimize marketing campaigns, automate reporting, and make data-driven decisions faster and easier.


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