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Get Started with Experience Cloud

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:
  • Explain the benefits of Experience Cloud.
  • Describe how your company can engage with customers and partners using digital experiences.
  • List the benefits of a digital experience built on the Salesforce Platform.

How Your Experience Cloud Site Can Help You

Whether you call it a portal, a help forum, a support site, or something else, an Experience Cloud site is a beautifully branded digital experience connected to your CRM. Experience Cloud makes it easy to create these experiences, engage customers, and empower partners.

Check out this video for a quick overview of how Experience Cloud sites work in your Salesforce org.

You can create multiple sites and experiences within your Salesforce org to address different purposes—and many companies do just that. Since the sites live in your Salesforce org, you can choose exactly how customers and partners access content and data.

All the advantages of the Community Cloud: Accelerate Channel Sales, Integrate eCommerce, Measure Partner Performance, Boost Employee Productivity, Drive Brand Engagement, Deliver Online Self-Service.

The Experience Cloud Advantage

What is the advantage of building a digital experience using Salesforce? Two words: integrated everything. Here’s a short list of how you can use Experience Cloud to give stakeholders what they need.

  • Create multiple experiences for specific needs.
  • Extend business processes to partners and customers.
  • Integrate data (such as orders or financial information) from third-party providers.
  • Use themes and templates to create beautiful branded experiences.
  • Use Salesforce CMS to create content and deliver to any channel.

Data from your site lives in your Salesforce org, and data living in your Salesforce org can be shared externally through your site. (Don’t worry. Your admin controls both data visibility with the outside world and which audience can access what—just like you do with your internal Salesforce org.) In short, a digital experience built using Experience Cloud provides a window into your Salesforce world.

Activity dashboard

Let’s take a closer look at how Experience Cloud helps one business improve its relationships with customers and partners.

Engage with Customers and Empower Partners

What can you do with a digital experience built with Experience Cloud? Almost anything you want, but here are some common use cases.

Customer Service and Account Portals

Empower your customers to find solutions to their customer-service issues on their own with access to your knowledge base, your service agents, and peer-to-peer support. In addition, give customers access to their data in a member portal.

Partner Relationship Management and Channel Sales

Increase your (and your partners’) revenue stream by collaborating on opportunities and deals. Onboard partners quickly by sharing content and training materials.

Different types of portals and communities are all possible with Community Cloud.

Are you intrigued? We hope so, since we look at specific site types more in depth in a little bit. Now that you’re more familiar with Experience Cloud, you’re ready to explore using it to engage with your customers.


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