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Learn About Commerce AI

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Describe the opportunities generative AI creates for digital commerce.
  • Describe Commerce AI's generative features.

The Opportunity for Generative AI in Digital Commerce

Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed artificial intelligence (AI) steadily improve at doing things we once thought only humans could do. And we’ve imagined a futuristic world with AI that’s still years away. Or so we thought. 

ChatGPT burst onto the scene in early 2023, demonstrating that the future is already here. Suddenly, AI is responding to difficult questions with equally complex answers that sound like a human wrote them. And because ChatGPT is available for anyone to use, people can experience firsthand how well it holds a natural-sounding conversation. It surprised and delighted and sparked our imaginations yet again. It’s also raised questions about what it means for the future of work.

The Generative Case for Customers

For customers, generative AI raises the expectation for both personalization and product discovery. 

For years digital professionals have sought to personalize the customer experience because it creates larger baskets that convert better. Generative AI presents the possibility that every text element—even every image—of your digital experiences is tailored to your shopper. These dynamic experiences delight customers and increase shopper loyalty.

Generative AI is also set to redefine how customers shop by replacing site search with a conversation. By swapping out search terms for natural language AI, backed by data stored in Data Cloud, generative AI guides customers to products they are likely to enjoy rather than sorting through a jumble of search results.

The Generative Case for Merchants

For merchants, generative AI also presents several exciting opportunities for automation and insight. 

On the automation side, generative AI is uniquely suited to find and help repair data inconsistencies. This is a massive help to anyone maintaining an extensive product catalog or rapidly trying several versions of a promotion. 

For insight, generative AI is adept at identifying audiences or tactics to help you reach goals. For instance, companies use generative AI to identify target audiences for a promotion and generate personalized messages for each prospect.

Get Started Now with Generative Features in Commerce AI

Are you excited to give generative AI a shot in your business? With Commerce AI, you have the tools to start building dynamic generative experiences today. 

Commerce AI’s generative features include:

  • Goals-based commerce: Do you want to increase conversion but aren’t sure where to start? Set goals and get actionable, trusted AI insights with goals-based commerce.
  • Einstein-powered product descriptions: Create, localize, and translate product descriptions to build dynamic customer journeys. Think about product descriptions influenced by past purchases or the weather. The sky’s the limit!
  • Einstein-powered commerce concierge: Reimagine product discovery with a conversation-based interface that relies on your data to bring in-store concierge experiences to life on any digital channel. It’s like having a trusted product advisor ready to help wherever your customers reach you.
  • Einstein-created promotions: Create and deploy promotions faster with generative technologies that simplify experimentation by automating the repetitive aspects of building a promotion.

Ready, Set, Hyper-personalize

With Commerce AI's rich generative toolset, you’re ready to start building dynamic buying journeys that evolve with your customer.


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