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Get to Know Code Builder

Learning Objectives 

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify the main features of Code Builder.
  • Understand the benefits of a web-based IDE.
  • Explain how Code Builder enables admins and developers to collaborate on the same DX project.
  • Explain how Code Builder supports source-driven development.

Discover Code Builder

Salesforce Code Builder is an integrated development environment (IDE) that has all the power and flexibility of Visual Studio Code, Salesforce Extensions for VS Code, and Salesforce CLI—all from within your web browser. Code Builder provides a modern developer experience for all Salesforce developers, regardless of expertise level. 

Code Builder enables admins and developers to seamlessly collaborate on the same project, in the cloud, without having to worry about downloading software, setup, or machine specs. How great is that?

The Code Builder dev environment can be spun up in minutes. Just create your DX project, connect to the org you want to develop against, and you’re ready to go. Because Code Builder comes preinstalled with Salesforce Extensions for VS Code and Salesforce CLI, you get your favorite Salesforce languages and frameworks, such as Apex, SOQL, Visualforce, Aura, and Lightning Web Components. And some rich developer tools such as debuggers for Apex, Linting, and so on. 

What does it mean for you? Well, only that you get all this awesomeness without lifting a finger. That’s all. Just launch and go!

Salesforce Development from Your Browser?

Yeah, you heard us right. Code Builder is an IDE you can access from a browser. Install as a managed package, and use Code Builder to effortlessly move from working locally on your desktop at the office to working in your browser at your favorite cafe. Just pick up from where you left off!

Get to Know Your Code Builder Environment

Here are some features that make Code Builder your go-to IDE for Salesforce development.

Default Org (Working Org)

When you first connect to Code Builder, select your development environment as the default org, such as a sandbox, scratch org, or Developer Edition org. You can easily change orgs by clicking on the org alias. You can see your default org alias here.

You can see your default org in the status bar.

Your Project Files and Folders (Explorer)

Navigate between files that are a part of your project. Click a file to open it in the editor. The editor has a navigation bar above its contents called Breadcrumbs. It shows the current location and allows you to quickly navigate between folders and files in your project.

List Available Actions (Command Palette)

Use the Command Palette to easily run many commands in VS Code. You can execute editor commands, open files and folders, and so much more. 

The command palette also gives you single-click access to our powerful DX tooling. 

Press Ctrl+Shift+P (⇧⌘P for Mac) to view the command palette. Then type ? to view all available commands, or SFDX to view all the Salesforce DX commands.

Command Palette

Your Org’s Metadata (Org Browser) 

The Org Browser is a part of Code Builder that displays metadata types and their corresponding components in your org. You can use Org Browser to retrieve metadata source with clicks. Once retrieved, you can work on this file in Code Builder until you are ready to save it to source control or an Org.



The Org Browser is available in non–source-tracked orgs such as sandboxes or Developer Edition orgs.

And There’s More…

Here are some amazing things you can do using Code Builder without any install or download.

  • Create automations like workflows and processes in your org, and pull changes to a local environment for testing.
  • Download code, edit it, and deploy or push it back to an org.
  • Use SOQL Builder to quickly build and test queries.
  • Quickly write and test Apex, Aura, LWC, Functions, or Visualforce code, and deploy it to your org.
  • Easily push your customizations to a shared source control repository (such as GitHub) for others to work on in Code Builder.


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