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Use Configurator to Review Data

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • List two tools available in Configurator.
  • Explain how to use the Commerce Insights tool.
  • List two benefits of using Commerce Insights.


Huzzah! Linda Rosenberg and her team have deployed Commerce Cloud Einstein on the Cloud Kicks storefront. This is the first step in taking advantage of the benefits that Einstein has to offer.

Merchandisers like Brandon Wilson can now use Configurator to review the data and make it work harder for Cloud Kicks.

Brandon Wilson

What Is Configurator, Exactly?

Configurator is the online tool that you use to build your Einstein Product Recommenders. Einstein Configurator lets Brandon configure and manage the following features.

  • Commerce Insights: Discover which products are most often purchased together.
  • Einstein Product Recommendations: Predict the most relevant products to promote to shoppers based on recommendation specifications.

In this unit, Brandon learns about Commerce Insights. He learns about Product Recommendations in another module.

Before Brandon can use Configurator, Linda needs to install it. She implements Einstein to use the Configurator. You can find those directions in the Infocenter .

You must have valid credentials to access this site. If you don’t have credentials and you’re a customer or partner developer, contact B2C Commerce Support. Once an admin on your team has credentials, they can to provide access for other team members.

Commerce Insights

Einstein Commerce Insights captures a shopper’s order and product data and identifies products that shoppers purchase together. The Configurator dashboard lets merchandisers like Brandon discover which other products are most often purchased with a specific product. Brandon can drill down into products based on a date range and explore metrics such as product-specific sales and top co-purchase categories. This takes the guesswork out of merchandising, so he can show his shoppers the best products and deals every time.

Review a Product

Each row in Commerce Insights shows a single product and the top 50 products purchased in the same basket. Here’s how Brandon reviews a product.

  1. Open Configurator.
  2. On the dashboard, select a product.
  3. Use Product Drilldown to see details about the baskets in which the product was purchased.
  4. View the Commonly Bought With table.

Here is the type of data he sees.



Key Item

  • Product ID
  • Product Display Name
  • Baskets/Sales/Units

Purchased in Same Basket

  • Product ID
  • Product Display Name
  • Baskets: Number of times shoppers purchased the product in the same basket as the key item for the selected date range
  • Basket %: Percent of all key item baskets that contained the specific item

Configure a Report

An Insight report uses the catalog hierarchy structure that you defined in Business Manager. The category/subcategory navigation lets Brandon focus the report on a particular subset of products. He can also navigate using the breadcrumb trail at the top of the report. He clicks a level to return the report to that category.

Here’s an example of a report.

Commerce Insights Report

By default, the report loads the previous week’s data (defined as Sunday to Saturday of the previous calendar week). Brandon can select a different date range and sort the report in ascending order by baskets, sales, units, or other options. He can go back 30 days and note the data that can't be exported.


A basket is the B2C Commerce term for a cart.

The report also provides a few other characteristics of the baskets that contain the purchased item.



Commonly Purchased With

How many products by category that shopper purchased with the item over the selected time range.

Basket size

The frequency with which shoppers purchased the product in a basket of a certain size.

For example, 60% of the time shoppers purchase the women’s Venture Jacket in a basket with two additional items, for a total basket size of three.

Here’s how to create a report.

  1. Open Configurator.
  2. On the Commerce Insights page, select a category.
  3. Select a date range. The default is the previous week’s data from Sunday to Saturday. If data is missing, the orange icon provides details.
  4. Select a metric to sort the data.
    • Baskets: Collection of all online purchases submitted by a uniquely identified shopper within a calendar day (12:00 AM ET to 11:59 PM ET).
    • Sales: Online sales amount, excluding shipping and taxes, in the site’s default locale currency. This doesn’t include returned items or products purchased through other channels.
    • Units: Net sales units aggregated by product.

Plan with Commerce Insights

Brandon uses his data to uncover key product purchase correlations, such as seasonal buying trends. This helps him configure product sets that he hasn’t even thought of.

Commerce Insights shows that a winter hat is often purchased with a winter coat or vest.

A winter hat is often purchased with a winter coat or vest.

Commerce Insights also shows that winter socks are often purchased with gloves and winter boots.

Winter socks are often purchased with gloves or winter boots.

Commerce Insights is an analysis tool and not a financial reporting tool. Its data comes from storefront product and order data. It maps key product purchase correlations to discern which products should be grouped together for product bundles, deals, and “complete the look” suggestions.

Wrap It Up

In this unit Linda Rosenberg, the Cloud Kicks administrator, installed Configurator. Then Brandon Wilson, the merchandiser, learned how to use Configurator to review his data. He explored metrics and scenarios with Commerce Insights.

In this module, Linda Rosenberg explored Commerce Cloud Einstein features, and then planned for and deployed them with the help of others on her team. With this new knowledge, it’s time for you to take the final test and earn an awesome badge.


Rights of ALBERT EINSTEIN are used with permission of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Represented exclusively by Greenlight.

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