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Explore B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience

Learning Objectives

After completing this unit, you’ll be able to:

  • Explain what Lightning Experience is.
  • List three B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience features.
  • List two benefits of using key Lightning Experience features.

What Is Lightning Experience?

Salesforce Lightning Experience is a modern, fast, and intelligent user interface. It lets you create a user experience that improves workflow and productivity, makes jobs easier and more intuitive, and even transforms your business. 

When we say Lightning Experience, we’re talking about: 

  • Pages in Salesforce that are optimized for sales and service use.
  • New features that help your sales and service teams focus on the right deals, the right customers, and the right activities, every time users log in.
  • Flexible, interactive tools that help everyone visualize data and take care of business.

B2B Commerce customers already use Salesforce apps such as Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Service Cloud. Most of these apps use Lightning Experience.

B2B Commerce has now joined the party!


Who benefits from B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience?

Quick answer: Everyone. And by everyone, we mean those who use it the most—storefront managers and business buyers. B2B Commerce is the best solution for Salesforce customers because it’s connected to, and built on customer relationship management (CRM).

Now, with Lightning Experience, B2B Commerce just got better. 

Storefront Managers

What are the benefits for the storefront manager?

B2B Commerce is now even easier to use. Storefront managers—those key users who manage products, categories, pricing, promotions, and search—can move faster, more easily set up and manage a storefront, and more seamlessly connect to Salesforce data and processes.

As a storefront manager, B2B Commerce on Lightning:

  • Helps you get to market faster
  • Is easy to use
  • Is even more connected to Salesforce data and processes

Business Buyers

What are the benefits for the business buyers making purchases from the online storefront?

As a business buyer, you get a seamless self-service experience. You can easily reorder, track order status, and resolve issues that can arise through case management.

You’ll experience:

  • Lightning-fast search, with smart autocomplete powered by Einstein
  • A beautiful, easy-to-use storefront
  • Quick page loads
  • A better customer experience because vendors have a complete view of who customers are—from previous purchases to past service cases or questions


Here are the B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience features.

Lightning Commerce Template
Easily set up and deploy commerce storefronts.
Lightning Internal Storefront Administrator UI Manage and support commerce storefronts.
Digital Experience Platform Create personalized shopping experiences.
  • Audience targeting
  • Personalization
  • Theming and branding
  • Lightning component and modern development framework
Consumer-like search B2B Commerce search uses the best-in-class technology from B2C Commerce.
  • Search with scale and speed
  • Configurable facets and filters
  • Autocomplete powered by Einstein
Experience Builder for B2B Commerce Quickly and easily build storefronts with drag-and-drop components. Storefront managers can create an entire ecommerce site with Experience Builder using clicks, not code. Experience Builder has a number of the B2B Commerce Lightning Components, and many other components from Salesforce CMS, for surfacing CRM data and more.
Standard Objects for B2B Commerce
B2B Commerce objects, such as the cart, product, and category objects, are uniform across Salesforce, so storefront managers or admins only have to create them once. B2B Commerce is even more connected with other Salesforce data and processes, making it easier for storefront managers to launch ecommerce sites and make optimizations quickly.

What If I Have B2B Commerce on Classic (Visualforce) Today?

Since 2015, when Salesforce first launched Lightning Experience, many new customers started using it right away and many existing customers have transitioned to it from Classic (or Visualforce).

But some current B2B Customers wonder whether they must move from Visualforce to Lightning Experience.

The short answer is no. Salesforce will continue to support the Visualforce deployment option. Customers do not need to move, and Salesforce will continue to support and innovate on Visualforce.

However, once you get to know the Lightning Experience options, you can design a thoughtful transition from the existing user interface that reevaluates existing customizations and eliminates old problems. Then you’re armed with the data to make a compelling case to your leadership and other decision makers to implement this transition.

Let’s Sum It Up

In this unit, you learned what it means for B2B Commerce to be on the amazing Lightning Experience. You explored features and benefits, and how to transition to Lightning Experience on B2B Commerce.

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